Amateur Traveller

as you can tell, i am constantly travelling ♡ this is where i upload my mind and clear out some space for my overloading mind

omg what do i do i have done something really wrong 

when dealing with my dad 
1) it’s always my fault

2) no one ever tells me anything, and then i get the blame. 

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Name: Kristal Lai Wing
Nickname: krissy, krissabubs, blondie, 
Birthday: 16 june 1995
Gender: female
Sexuality: attracted to male …. atm
Height: 168 cm
Time Zone: Hong Kong/ England
What time and date is it there: 00:17 - Sept 9th, 2014
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 10-12 on holiday
The last thing I Googled was: melvita honey uk 
My most used phrase(s): AHAHAHAHAHHA
First word that comes to mind: sparkly fairy 
What I last said to a family member: thank you 
One place that makes me happy & why:don’t remember the name but this absolutely beautiful and quiet beach by tai o i discovered last summer that looks like somewhere from a fairy tale
How many blankets I sleep under: 2, my flowery baby blanket and a normal one 
Favourite beverage(s): Bellini, cocktails, tea, grape fanta 
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Lucy 
Three things I can’t live without: phone, people, beach/sea
Something I plan on learning: driving, how to be more organized, how to have a better eq, 
A piece of advice for all my followers: keep calm and ace things 
You all have to listen to this song: Geronimo - Sheppard 
My blog(s): amateurtraveller, @becauseilikeyouu

i tag you :)

bee booo beee boo i am so happy lalala lala!

When you get this, you have been challenged to answer thus publicly with five positive things about yourself and then challenge 10 of your favorite followers. Ready, set, snow! Ha, you thought I said go! Fooled you. GO!

    -like, not narcissist kind of self obsessed but i am actually quite satisfied about my level of self appreciation 
  2. I am a very flexible person 
    -as in, personality-wise, i could interact with different people and make good friends with them easily
  3. I don’t judge
    - (or at least, i keep it to myself /feel guilty about it ahaha ;))) i really try to avoid judging people because it’s unfair to judge when you don’t know everything about that person, 
  4. I am a very international person 
    -literally, first of all i grew up in hong kong surrounded by a lot of different cultures all blended into one city, been to lots of places all over the world, have friends from all over the world. 
  5. I am unique
    -enough said ;) 

Thanks fireworkmower for this, i think i could type 10 more of these they make me so happy!! 

And I challenge ogntsmrotationsogntsm, ich-will-pizza, cattleyasky, mizdreavus, dear-sailor, the-fountain-pen, purpleninjette, and brokenstrawberry <3 

i wish things would just leave me alone and let me hide in my cosy nook and snuggle up and listen to music and write in my diary and read and watch  movies. 

under a bit of stress lately, i hate it when people assume things. assuming things is the worst thing you can do. if you want to know, go ahead and ask for an answer, don’t assume.
"oh i assume you know ……"

i wish some people are less passive and would actively show how they feel/want to say, I’m not gonna know if you don’t say it, me no psychic you know.