Amateur Traveller

as you can tell, i am constantly travelling ♡ this is where i upload my mind and clear out some space for my overloading mind
glowing with sunshine!♡ #31225 #boatp #meetingnewpeople :)

glowing with sunshine!♡ #31225 #boatp #meetingnewpeople :)



* DEM UNI AND STUDENT FINANCE AND ACCOMMODATION FORMS… are more complicated than a simultaneous equation with 5 unknowns 

* my sister is utterly under the effect of early puberty and being a bitch 

*it seems like i am never doing anything right 

* glad there are a lot of new people in my life this summer to make things better :) 

* kinda nervous for uni not quite ready do have the whole changing schools and everything new moment again - I’ve changed schools for 5 times in my life and still i don’t like it

*loving the weather lately, thunderstorms and super sunny in a day, it’s like i am travelling 

*the states were so good and i can’t believe I met my best friend there! 

*cousin got a new boyfriend woohoooo

*never seem to have any time left lately! 

* i have had good food days recently, dad made pizza and had a family barbecue in the place where i was raised by the seaside 

*going for some fancy afternoon tea with my auntie and my two super cute baby cousins later 

* then meeting my friends to go shopping for this boat trip next thursday

*right, about this boat trip, I’ve been struggling
pros :
1) I love boat trips if you can recall from one of my recent posts
2) It’s a huge party with 5 boats, two hosted by hco and  two hosted by a&f, then one by this model agency company, so hotties everywhere

1)kind of need to do something with that food baby before i put my bikini on 
2) just watched Jaws 2 yesterday… very afraid of sharks right now 

*i love how my biggest worry is something as insignificant as that

*actually, and the fact that UCAS put my to an absolutely irrelevant uni and i called them yesterday and they said it was a mistake and will fix it soon- these things always happen to me! 

*room without a roof : made a really nice friend in hco and have been talking loads recently! asian-canadian born and raised in canada and decided to come to hk to develop his career of jewellery designing woo

*going on absolute diet mode. today. 

* got into reading books all the time again 

*that’s probably where my time went - reading, going out a majority of the week, shifts, tea dates with my friends, occasionally some shopping, the gym, swimming, yoga lessons, jogging, magazine reading (yes, this is categorized as one important event), diary…..etc


a little update because i feel like it 1) met a lot of new friends today! Karen who studies engineering, Dennis from Canada, Ivan who i knew already without realizing until today, Martin who doesn’t even remember he recruited me but remembered my name, and Kennis who i bumped into 4 times a day!

2) had a banana cake, biscuits and some childhood snacks after work, feeling very satisfied

3) after work it was like 11 at night so i took the cab home but there was a traffic accident so i had to stop a bit further away from home and i took the shortcut back it was so dark and scary with the trees and shadows and stuff so i called my mom, and we had a chit chat on my scary climb back home

4) I have no idea why the windows are all clouded up like because there is a huge temperature difference because it’s hot outside and i have the air con inside but this don’t usually happen so i am slightly freaked out

5) should I eat more? i am hungry but eating at 2 am is probably not that good

6) ahh screw it I’ll go swimming and work it off tomorrow 

7) had some awesome scientific ice cream today it’s bascally having ice cream but then some machine like atomised the ice cream so it was all a bunch of like, cloudy vapor for a second then it turned back into ice cream again it was so cool like the coolest thing i have seen, it tastes really good as well the texture was a bit different to normal ice cream but oh my god praise the technology 

8) slightly worried about my uni stuff because i am so unprepared and everyone seemed to have everything in place omg 

to do list 

* book a time for body check 

*book a time to get another pair of glasses

*book a time for dental appointment 

*sort out hollister schedule

*sort out italian tomato schedule

*sort out a time to see my cousins

* sort out a time to see my childhood best friend

*lose the food baby 

* donate money to save dolphins

* propose a plan to family to each take out some money every month to help raise a kid in the third world



*book plane tickets for september, sort out where am i going to live and how to get to uni 


Taking full advantage for the fact that the hollister I work in is a 5 minutes drive away from home, I have 20 minutes until my shift and I am still in bed

Had a dream yesterday that spiders are soft pink and like in gummy bear texture and that the black hairy skin we see is just a fake shell and I tried to catch one but it’s too slimy

Champagne to start the nightt - boomshakalaka

Things that makes me LIKE A ROOM WITHOUT A ROOF part 2

1) met up with my godparents today - they are having another baby! they already have 3 very charming boys - a smart one, a sporty one, and a cute one, and they are all so hot *pedophile mode* and now they’re going to have a girl!!!! I LOVE BABIES * pedo alert…..*

2) my godmother used my photo to sign up for this beauty pageant thing (in october so i won’t be here anyway) - wow she thinks i’m pwretttyyyy!

3) beer it out with dad

4) updated my itunes music library - finally!

5) perfect weather lately :D

6) got a total of 15 hours of shifts in hollister next week - money and hotties!

7) going to the beach beach let’s go get away almost everyday!  

8) in addition to teddy grahams and the leibniz zoo biscuits - I FOUND THE LAUGHING COW CHEESE CUBES!!!!!

9) got recruited for cosmogirl again - i think i have a psychic connection with that magazine mann 

10) went to the pool and saw this really cute two year old called skylar! I LOVE BABIES 


"Remember that at any given moment, there are a thousand things you can love. " #DavidL 
#sunset #love #peacefulhead #youshouldbewiththeoneyoulove #yesiamtalkingaboutyou ;) ♡

"Remember that at any given moment, there are a thousand things you can love. " #DavidL
#sunset #love #peacefulhead #youshouldbewiththeoneyoulove #yesiamtalkingaboutyou ;) ♡